How do we conduct after-sales service?


     First of all, we are confident to say that so far, we have not had any issue of quality for many years.

     During the sample testing, we would occasionally receive customer feedback of resistor breakdown, burst, resistance drift, measurement accuracy error, etc. Later on, when our engineers received the "defective" samples, after disassembling, X-ray probing, data analysis, we would find that the problems did not lie in our product itself, but due to customers being unfamiliar with the choice of resistors,  the actual current or voltage exceeded the resistance limit.

     Therefore, we recommend our customers, in selecting resistors, to consider a sufficient margin for the rated resistance value. In addition, Our resistor products are mostly heat-sensitive, when picking resistors, in addition to the circuit design, it is necessary to consider extra heat produced inside the device during actual usage. Please test the sample thoroughly before mass production,if the sample is suitable, the mass production will be OK

     If you find any problems with the product, please let us know by sending photos and problem descriptions, and sending the defective sample to us. We will provide you an official feedback on the cause of the problem after complete analysis.