What a Varistor


    Varistor is the combination of variable and resistors two words, called Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV), also known as variable resistors. The main ingredient is Zinc Oxide and add a variety of metal oxides, after pressing and sintering, has a grain boundary properties of the semiconductor ceramic, with non-linear current - voltage characteristics, the main purpose is to protect the equipment from transient over-voltage damage

      Varistors in parallel with the protected device, when the varistor is in stable working condition, the resistance is very large, similar to a circuit breaker, when subjected to transient over-voltage or surge, the varistor will reduce their resistance In the nanosecond time, into a high conductive state, so that the protected device short circuit, to avoid the destruction of inrush current

      When the voltage returns to normal, the varistor quickly becomes a large resistance state, is a good, simple and low-cost solution to the surge