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  • ABOUT Service

  •       ● Customization is welcome

          ● Common products are in stock, Goods and samples can usually be delivered on the same day

          ● Do not require MOQ

          ● Shipped directly from the factory of chinese mainland, the price will be a great advantage

          ● We are happy to answer any questions you are interested in 

          Ordering process:Confirm the product and model → Send samples → Confirm samples and quotes → Test passed → Order+ payment → Manufacture+payment → Deliver


          We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Leave a message or send a E-mail to us. We will respond as soon as possible.       



  •     After you confirm the product specifications and quotation, we will provide the samples free of charge on the same day, For special products, we need more time, and maybe charge a fee for the sample. You need to pay the courier fee

  • ABOUT Delivery time

  •    Most of products are in stock,can be delivered on the same day, If it is a special materiel or custom, or quantity exceeds the inventory, delivery time will needs 3-4 weeks

  • ABOUT Transport & cost

  •    Most of our products are small, lightweight, suitable for air transport, 7 days can reach most of the cities in the world.

         If the number is large, and not urgent, can be transported by ship

        After we know the product specifications, quantity and the port of arrival, we will tell you the exact freight and shipping time


                      How long does it take for shipping goods from China to most countries via sea?


  • ABOUT Payment

  •    We can accept the following payment methods, if you want to use other means, please contact us first.    

    Paypal, T/THSBC, L/C, Western Union, Moneygrame

    Payment method.jpg

  • About packaging

  • 1 Bulk Packing


          Commonly used in disc type, lead type thermistor / varistor, temperature sensor


                The packaging takes up less space

                ● Easy to transport and operate on the shop floor

                 Lower prices

                 Generally in stock, faster delivery


               ● The surface of the product will be friction marks (does not affect performance)

               ●  Can not be used for automatic pipelining

    2.  Reel Packing


          Commonly used in Surface Mounted Devices type thermistor, Less for glass axial type,

      disc type, lead type thermistor / varistor


                ● Can be used for automatic pipelining

                 The surface of the product less friction marks


               ●  Higher price

               ●  Delivery time is longer

               ●  Order quantity required more

               ●  Packaging takes up more space

    3. Ammo Packing 


          Commonly used in large diameter thermistor, Less for disc type, Lead type thermistor /

     varistor and glass Axial Type thermistor


                ● Can be used for automatic pipelining

                 The surface of the product less friction marks


               ●  Higher price

               ●  Delivery time is longer

               ●  Order quantity required more

               ●  Packaging takes up more space