NTC Epoxy Bead Type Thermistor


Name: Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistor Epoxy Bead Type TTS Series

■ Features

 Band: Thinking Use: For Temperature Sensing/Compensation
 Body Size: Ф1.8×6 mm, Ф2.6×6 mm,  Operating temperature range: - 40℃ ~ +100

 ● ROHS compliant

 ● Halogen-Free(HF)series are available

 ● Radial lead resin coated

 ● Wide resistance range

 ● Cost effective

 Agency recognition:


 UL/cUL File NO: E138827

 TUV File NO: 50236283


■ Electrical Characteristics  

Electrical Characteristics.png

    ●  The resistance, B value, wire and its length, color, processing methods all can be customized  

       After you confirm the model, we will send you the samples and datasheet of this model  

■ Part Number Code

Part Number Code.png

    ●  Complete model example: TTS1A103F34D1RY , TTS2A104F4361TY

     ●  Common Suffixes:1RY, 1TY

■ Recommended Applications

   1. Home appliances 

   2. Computers 

   3. Battery packs

   4. Thermometers

■ Structure and Dimensions 

Structure and Dimensions.png

■ Max.Power Dissipation Derating Curve

Max. Power Dissipation Derating Curve.png

■ R-T Characteristic Curves

R-T Characteristic Curves 1.png


■ Soldering Recommendation

Soldering Recommendation.png

■ Reliability


■ Packaging

       Bulk packing: 500pcs/pag

■ Warehouse Storage Conditions of Products

   TTC 03 Warehouse storage conditions of products.png


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